THT: The Lurking Error in Statcast Pitch Data

Today at The Hardball Times, I wrote about pitch-tracking differences between PITCHf/x and Statcast. I found that Statcast’s radar is worse at tracking vertical movement and vertical location, but has similar ability for horizontal movement and horizontal location. And velocities are more accurate since Trackman’s out-of-the-hand readings replaced PITCHf/x’s 50-foot recordings. In addition to the general takeaways, there are interesting differences from park to park. You can read more here.


Research: HFI Update

Over at The Ringer, Ben Lindbergh put together a really good look at whether the “tanking” phenomenon is bad for baseball. In actuality, not all that much has changed even as the narrative around losing has been reshaped. As part of Ben’s case, he pointed to updated numbers for the Hope and Faith Index, a measure of competitive balance that I introduced in The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2017. My research shows that the average deficit has continued its downward trend, even as we entered an apparent “super team” era.