THT: Cold Weather and Player Attributes

The second part of my cold-weather series at THT went up today, and so here are the companion charts of each curve’s smoothed 95% confidence bands.  Check out yesterday’s blog post for a few notes on how to evaluate each graph.

Region of Origin

U.S. Cold

Region 3 - US ColdU.S. Average

Region 3 - US AvgU.S. Hot

Region 3 - US HotCaribbean

Region 3 - CaribbeanGreater South America

Region 3 - GSAAging Curve

Early Prime

Age 3 - Early PrimeLater Prime

Age 3 - Later PrimeOld

Age 3 - Old



Weight 3 - LightweightsSlightly Light

Weight 3 - Slightly LightSlightly Heavy

Weight 3 - Slightly HeavyHeavyweights

Weight 3 - Heavyweights


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